Optical Engineer (holography)

CREAL’s mission is to make virtual and augmented reality headsets much more pleasant and natural to use. Existing headsets cause an eye-strain because they display two flat images without actual optical depth: two eyes see the stereoscopic depth, but each individual eye sees a flat image in fixed distance. Our patented technology solves this conflict by projecting so-called light-field

– genuinely 3D hologram-like imagery where each eye can change focus naturally, just like in the real world. This will be a key ingredient to make virtual and augmented reality omnipresent.

We are looking for a skilled and motivated Optical Engineer who will help us to design and build the very first prototypes of these revolutionary headsets, especially HOE combiners. If you like holography, have hands-on experience in developing and recording thin film holograms, are fascinated by virtual and augmented reality and would like to build the future of it together with a friendly and enthusiastic team, this is just the right job for you.


MSc or PhD in field related to applied photonics

5+ years experience in development and prototyping of complex optical systems

Experience with work in an optical laboratory and building of optical setups

Experience in working with lasers

Experience with diffractive optics and ideally with volume phase holography

Experience in designing optical systems in ZEMAX

Basic experience in programming (С, С++, Matlab or Python)

Fluent in English, knowledge in French is a plus




Design and build optical bench top setups for testing and prototyping of diffractive optical components.

Develop and optimize optical recording processes and encapsulation methods for volume phase holograms.

Design and prototype diffractive optical elements, in particular volume phase holograms.

Work efficiently in cross-functional teams on the integration of diffractive optical elements into more complex systems for head worn displays.

Collaborate and manage suppliers to source single components and/or subsystems.

What we offer

● Full time position. We are flexible on hours.

● You will be among the first key employees of an entrepreneurial startup. This will offer you the possibility to increase your responsibilities as you help to grow our company to unicorn.

● You will work in an enjoyable “can do” atmosphere with few diverse and enthusiastic people (currently 19) free of corporate hassles like endless meetings and approval procedures.

● You will enjoy the amenities of working at EPFL innovation park, a vibrant Swiss cluster.

● We can offer benefits tuned to your personal needs, caring for your family or your personal or professional growth.